Let your ideas be the biggest in the galaxy

Jupiter AR Notebook

When you open a great notebook, and you gaze upon its blank pages, you will be inspired to fill it
with your ideas, notes, and dreams. Holding the JUPITER AR Notebook is soft to touch but with an
interesting textured depiction of Jupiter embossed cover. Specs >

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A unique AR experience

Get inspired by our state of the art Augmented Reality experience of Jupiter.
Watch as the image of Zeus transforms then teleports you to the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter.
Here you can learn about and explore Jupiter and its moons, in an entirely new way. Specs >

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IO, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

Rotate and observe 4 of the most iconic and interesting moons of Jupiter
and the AR experience that we have created for each of them. Specs >

Renderings of Jupiter

Hold in your hands and gaze into the giant red dot of Jupiter, and watch as the planet comes to life
and flows as the gasses float around the edges. Specs >

Materials used

As with all of our products, we make sure that craftsmanship and quality come first.
We only use environmentally friendly materials, like acid-free sustainable forest paper.
Specs >

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