Earth AR notebook

Enjoy the spectacular wonders of earth

Earth is home to numerous species and is the only known planet to host the miracle of life. Using high-quality craftsmanship and augmented reality technology, EARTH AR Notebook displays the beauty of Earth in a new way. Specs >

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Explore Earth with Augmented Reality

Using AR technology, you will experience Earth from high-level global views to the local terrains, right on the horizon. The refined and accurate 3D geomorphology elevates a user experience. We have curated a selection of the most beautiful landforms, glaciers, volcanoes, lakes and the world's highest peaks to showcase the breathtaking landscape of our home.

Goodess of the EARTH, GAEA

Gaea, of ancient Greek mythology, is the ancestor of all gods and human beings. Awaken the goddess Gaea, who will guide you on your journey through our Augmented Reality experience.

Earth exploration,
at your fingertips

Experience the geomorphological wonder of Earth — see Mount Everest, the Grey Glacier, and the Grand Canyon from a birds-eye view. Visit any corner of the globe anytime, anywhere — the world is yours to explore.


Our EARTH AR Notebook has been designed with care for learning and exploration. It features a thick, embossed hardcover exterior and wire-binding for an easy open that lays flat, with high-quality, acid-free paper in both blank and graph styles to sketch and dream on. It's the perfect size to carry around at 170mm x 120mm so you can explore anywhere, at any time.

The world in your hands

The hardshell exterior cover of EARTH AR Notebook is 3D printed and simulates the landscapes of
Earth, and features the blue oceans, green forests and white clouds of snow and ice.


One of the seven natural wonders of the world is the Grand Canyon, that goes an impressive 1,500 meters deep. Observe the remarkable landscape and stratum.

Visit one of the most massive glaciers in Antarctica. Experience its icy beauty from different perspectives.

At the top of this majestic peak are steep ridges, covered in snow. Marvel at the desolate beauty.

Travel to the European landlocked country of Austria and enjoy the extraordinary view of Lake Heiterwanger.