Welcome to EARTH

Introducing the world’s first model of
our planet with AR and AI technology.

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Available November 2018


The ultimate Augmented Reality experience of the Moon brought to life in the perfect size model.

Solar System Mini

The Solar System on your desk,
brought to life like never before
with space Augmented Reality.

LUNAR Regular

The first and only AR enabled Moon
model. Experience and learn about
the Moon in completely new ways.


The 30mm LUNAR Mini is the ideal match
for the Solar System Mini. Make it a set to
get up close with the Moon and explore
the Solor System.

LUNAR AR Notebook

A high-quality notebook equipped with
advanced technology that allows you to
explore beyond the pages and into the
mysterious universe to learn everything
about our Moon.

EARTH AR Notebook

With Augmented Reality,
GAEA can make your adventurous dream come true.